What Is The Proair HFA Coupon

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What is The Proair HFA Coupon Used For

Proair HFA is an inhaler which brings fast relief from the symptoms of an asthma attack. The Proair HFA coupon can provide a substantial savings on your next prescription refill of this medication. This inhaler should be kept within reach at all times. Asthma attacks are brought on by exposure to a trigger. Until your doctor runs tests to find out what your asthma triggers are, and how you can avoid them, you will have to keep this medication within reach. Even when your doctor tells you what to avoid, you could still have an attack from plain everyday stress.

Asthma has no known cause but once an asthma attack starts, it is very frightening. The muscles around the airways swell and constrict the airways, which is why it is so hard to breathe during one of these attacks. Proair HFA relaxes these muscles which makes it much easier for air to get to the lungs.

Who Cannot Use Proair HFA

Those who are allergic to albuterol should not take Proair HFA. Allergic reactions include dizziness, headaches, pain, racing heartbeats, and the throat and nose may become irritated.  Those who have heart diseases, blood or seizure disorders, hyperthyroid diseases should not take this medication. There are also serious side effects which you should be made aware of. These include bronchospasms, which are rare but sometimes happen when first using a new canister of Proair HFA. Other side effects are chest pain and racing heart beats, dangerously high blood pressure, irregular pulse rate, nervousness, and low potassium. Seek immediate medical help if you notice any of the above side effects.

Women who are pregnant should not take Proair HFA as it could harm the baby. Although it is not proven that this medication affects breast milk it is advised not to use Proair HFA if you are breast feeding. Also tell your doctor about any medications that you are currently taking as there could be drug interactions.

Proair HFA does have an expiration date so check your canister on a regular basis or circle the expiration date on a calendar so that you do not forget. Always make sure that you refill this medication before you run out. Once you have used your current canister for 300 uses you need to discard it after getting a new one.

FREE Spring Samples!

The Proair HFA coupon is a wonderfully easy way to save 75% on your medication and is very easy to get. When you print this coupon out, be sure to take the entire printed sheet to the store with you. If the cashier does not accept it, show the paper to the manager. Make sure that the expiration date is still valid.

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